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All Purchase Orders must be placed via e-mail at info@materials-inc.com or faxed at 201-968-0555.

Purchase Orders must include a product description (specifications, characteristics, as applicable: type, color code, dimensions, etc.) and quantity. Price will be confirmed with a proforma invoice. We retain the right to refuse any Purchase Orders. No agreement or understanding will be binding unless it appears on the proforma invoice. When applicable, a price quotation together with shop drawings and/or technical drawings and specifications will be submitted for customer’s signed approval. Price quotations are valid for 30 days, unless otherwise noted. Production will commence upon approval of order by customer and subsequent pro forma invoice. NO CHANGES are allowed after signed paper work and deposit are received. Production time is noted in the Quotation/Proforma Invoice. Shipping time is additional.

Returns are acceptable only for Tabu raw veneers in our current range, in clipped bundles and in sequence within the flitch, within 10 days of delivery and subject to a 25% restocking fee. Returns must be pre-approved in writing. Returns must be in good selling condition in the original packaging and freight prepaid for credit to be issued. All our other MI products, including custom orders of raw veneers, backed, fabricated, finished or custom products, special orders, including veneer faces, panels and sheets, cannot be returned.


All orders of custom or fabricated products are subject to a 50% deposit, payable by either check or credit card. Credit card deposits cannot exceed $5,000 and copy of the front and back of the credit card must be submitted with the credit card authorization form. The card holder must sign the Credit Card Authorization Form and the Terms of Sales. A deposit will also apply to Purchase Orders of quantities in excess of our normal stocking levels. There can be no change orders for the fabrication or the specifications of customized products once a Purchase Order is issued. We do not restock custom orders or products fabricated to customer specifications. If the order is cancelled, the deposit will be retained as partial liquidation of damages. Balance is due before shipping by certified, or cashier’s check, or wire transfer only.

A Resale Certificate and signed Terms of Sale must accompany all first time purchases.


If buyer does not take delivery upon the arrival of the goods, a warehouse charge will be debited of 3% of the merchandise value per month, or part thereof, from the date the shipment lands at port of entry.


All products distributed by Materials Inc. are manufactured to meet the standard industry specifications and those of our suppliers. Since MI has no control over end products fabricated with the materials sold, no warranty is expressed or implied. All products must be inspected at once upon purchase. MI makes every effort to check and match product specifications, colors, species, dimensions, etc., of the merchandise ordered. However we cannot guarantee an accurate match. Please check merchandise before installation. MI’s responsibility shall be limited to the replacement of the products proven to be defective in material and/or workmanship, or incorrectly shipped, if claimed within 10 days of delivery. MI makes no warranty based on any usage of trade or fitness for any particular use. Buyer assumes all risks resulting from the use with other substances or in any process. All installation and fabrication are the buyers’ responsibility, unless otherwise stated. Materials, equipment and workmanship must conform to industry standard practices, conditions, procedures and recommendations. Upon request we may supply installation instructions or guidelines, as provided by the manufacturers or generally accepted industry standards. All wood surfaces, like all natural products, will alter in color due to exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light or simply aging of the wood. In particular, fading of wood surfaces can be reduced by the use of non-yellowing finishes that contain UV inhibitors. We stand behind the recommendations of the AWI Architectural Woodwork Standards, edition 1, 2009 for all our wood products. Any litigation in connection with orders placed with our company shall take place in Hackensack, Bergen County, New Jersey.


All MI sales are FOB, Hackensack, NJ, or FOB Fabrication Site, if applicable, for custom products. We can facilitate delivery by arranging freight by common carrier or other expedited service. Freight charges will be billed accordingly. Packaging charges will apply. An estimate of packaging and shipping charges may be included in the pro forma invoice. Actual charges will appear on the final invoice. Any airfreight charges from our plants, when applicable, will be quoted separately.

We insure all our outbound shipments. So we assume no responsibility for goods damaged in transit. If the contents of your shipment or its packaging appear damaged at delivery, we suggest for you to:

  1. Request an inspection by the carrier before unloading
  2. If the packaging appears damaged, sign the Bill of Lading or Delivery Slip indicating that the merchandise will be SUBJECT TO INSPECTION and noting the whereabouts of the damage.
  3. Do not attempt to repair or install or fabricate the damaged merchandise. Do not destroy or discard the packaging
  4. Photograph the damage as evidence to file a claim.
  5. By following these instructions carefully, we guarantee our full support and cooperation with your claim with the carrier to protect you against loss from visible or concealed damage.
  6. Failure to adequately describe and report visible or concealed damage within the carrier’s guidelines may result in the carrier delaying or refusing to honor your claim for damages.


Important Note about finishing DYE-A-LOG Veneers
All wood veneers, both Natural & Dyed and Reconstituted, like all materials will alter in color due to exposure to Ultraviolet (UV) light, or fading, or simply aging of the wood. Fading may be reduced by the use of non-yellowing finishes that contains UV inhibitors.

After extensive testing determined that best results can be obtained when using the following ICA finishing products for use on  veneer to help protect against the effects of exposure to Ultra Violet light.

Products and mixing Procedures:                    

We suggests the use of the following varnishing products and system

  • FAC300UVE Basecoat mixture= FAC300UVE (basecoat): C206 (hardener): D1010: (thinner) = 100:20: 40/50
  • OAC301G20UVE (20 sheen) or OAC301G5UVE (5 sheen) Topcoat mixture=OAC301G20UVE (topcoat): C206 (hardener): D1010 (thinner) = 100: 20: 60/70

With its specific Application Cycle:

  • Apply a first base coat of 5mils of FAC300UVE by spray in ambient (± 70°F) condition.
  • Let dry at room temperature for at least 30-40 minutes.
  • Apply a second base coat of 5mils of FAC300UVE by spray in ambient condition without sanding.
  • Dry at room temperature for 8-10 hours at least before sanding.
  • Sanding by 320-400# grit sanding paper.
  • Apply a topcoat of 4mils of OAC301G20UVE or OAC301G05UVE by spray in ambient condition.
  • Dry at room temperature for 6-8 hours at least.


  1. This cycle is as tested. Should you wish to apply only a single seal coat & top coat, wait at least 6 hours after the seal coat before sanding and applying the top coat.
  2. Ensure both OAC301G20UVE & OAC301G5UVE are well mixed immediately before starting production.

Moreover, we strongly recommend that testing be performed to determine the suitability of this or any other varnish to your manufacturing process, or to the specific circumstances and other environmental factors of the project installation.